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There’s an interesting read over at Search Engine Land (2011: The Year Google & Bing Took Away From SEOs & Publishers) on what some of the big search providers are doing or not doing, in certain cases, and how they affect the world of SEO. If you have a web site or are interested in discovery over your search ranking, there are some elements of concern.

I’m not going to advocate an Occupy SEO movement or give 99% over to Google and Bing – though combined, they’re market share hits into the 80s if not quite the 99%. It’s interesting the insights you no longer have access to because of adjustments over time, but for those that spend heavily on SEM some of the information remains open up to you.

That’s why competitive markets have a role. Small players come in to disrupt and free the value that is artificially hidden. In search, we have Blekko. Registering for a free account gives you instant access to a host of tools. (Given their No Spam mantra, it’s the first time I’ve registered in a while without undo fear.)

You’ll find a helpful little suite of information for any domain you care to explore. The data and documentation aren’t fully complete. The Help section related to SEO information was last updated in June 2011, about six months after launch. I empathize with their start up position and they probably have  higher priorities to address. Even industry expert Vanessa Fox had a level of difficulty extracting the value of all the data in her comprehensive review, also over at Search Engine Land (Blekko’s SEO Tools: What Information Do They Provide?).

The key takeaways are this. For the near term, the SEO data that should easily be available through the big search engines isn’t. Blekko can serve as a proxy  to this data, but it’s only a proxy until there’s greater understanding as to how close it models the algorithmic behavior of its larger competitors. To pull up a summary of your site’s SEO information, type in a query of “ /seo” and you’ll get a breakdown of all the information Blekko is providing. For  detailed breakdown of each component, seek Ms. Fox’s article referenced above.


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