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Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a critical part of Internet efforts. The search engines are the first place people turn to find information they need. As a small business owner focused on a local market, how much time do you really have to devote to the ongoing efforts SEO takes? Especially when your looking at a small volume of queries specific to your market.

Keep focused on some key areas and get them right. It’ll help you capture all that you can from the limited source of searches. You also don’t have to be perfect in your efforts. You just need to be a little better than the company that’s in the lead placement. Keeping that in mind will help you focus your efforts.

Local SEO Essential – Google Places

The search results page (SERP) is changing and where you appear on it is as well. Earning the top spot no longer assures you’re at the top of a person’s search result. For local search terms, what often appears in Google is the local directory results from Google Places.

The beauty of listing your business in Google Places is its integration into Google Maps – giving you a presence in both the web and mobile markets. Your business is discoverable by your customers regardless of the device they are using.

I’ve read that 20% of Google searches have local intent, and even more when mobile searches is factored in. For the small business, listing in Google places is essential.

SEO Columbus OH Small Business Keywords

What drives your keyword strategy? It should be your customers.

Analytics for Keywords

You can find out the terms they use to find you in your analytics reports. In Google Analytics, you’ll find it under Traffic Sources –> Search –> Organic.

The details of the keywords used to find you are in there, in many cases. Google is obscuring some of this information so it’s not as transparent as it once was. The “(not provided)” is Google’s attempt to shield the data of users who have authenticated to Google (a rapidly growing number with Gmail, Google+ and a host of services that keep you logged in). The rest of the keywords are from unauthenticated users.

Customer Reviews for Keyword Suggestions

Fortunately, you can solicit comments and feedback from your users. Encourage ratings from your customers on Foursquare, Yelp, Google Places and the like. Then when you read them, pay attention to the words they use as much as what they are saying. The personal side of your business improves when you listen to what your customers are saying. The SEO side of your business improves when you use they same words they do.

Voice Recognition SEO

A coming trend is going to be how easy is it to speak your keywords. Mobile is a driving force in local search and voice recognition is the growing means for searching via mobile. Your customers aren’t always going to type their searches, they are increasingly speaking them.

The Location of Your Community

I used Columbus in the title of this post and in headers of some of the content. Which community was I going after? I could easily have used Dublin, Hilliard, Bexley or any of the smaller cities that make up the Columbus metropolitan area.

As you improve your local SEO, think of the communities you serve or that your customers identify with. Those are the local phrases that will help local prospects turn into local customers because the search engines know where to place you.



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